What Size Unit?

Guidelines for choosing a unit

Choosing a unit may be difficult as it depends on the size of the items as well as the number of items that you want to store.

The table below should be used only as a guide because the way you pack and unload as well as the unique shape of your items will vary.


Door Openings & Approximate Unit Dimensions:

 6′ x 10’s: Door Opening: 4′ Wide x 7′ High
10′ x 10' Door Opening: 4' Wide x 7′ High
10' x 20' Door Opening 9' Wide x 8' High
10 x 30's Door Opening 9' Wide x 9' High
11′ x 26’s: Door Opening: 10′ Wide x  9′ High


Chart of what each size unit may hold



Size Equivalent  Unit Will Hold (Will Vary By How You Pack)
 10'x6'  Walk-in Closet Dorm Room, Bedroom, Small Bedroom or Couch, Mattress & Several Small Boxes
10'x10' Average Size Bedroom Furnishings for a Studio or One-Bedroom Apt. Plus Boxes & Appliances.
10'x20' One Car Garage 3-4 Bed house OR car OR small boat 10X20 Storage Arrangement
11'x26' One-and-a-Half Car Garage 5+ Bed house OR boat OR auto OR truck

Helpful Storage Tips

Best practices for storing your goods


Use these tips to get the most use from your Z-Best self storage unit and to keep your possessions free from damage.

• Use a quality lock! We provide locks for your convenience.

• Store your belongings on a pallet to prevent moisture absorption.

• Use a dust cover or mattresses bag to store mattresses and furniture

• Don’t store food or perishable items! Canned items may freeze and burst and dried foods can attract rodents and other pests.

• When stacking boxes, place the heaviest box on the bottom

•Keep your keys in a safe place.

• Do not pack fragile items with newspaper. Newspaper ink can rub off and stain your items.

• Take advantage of the height of your unit, store long objects on end whenever possible. Always leave a lane open in the middle of your unit so you can access all of your items.

• Drape plastic only over the top of objects, or if wrapping objects, use cloth/paper. Plastic can trap moisture and promote mildew.

• Store items that are used the least first, so you can easily reach the items you use more often.